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Exciting News

We started the month with a move to our new office. Just like our recently updated website, this move was a long time coming and provides an exciting opportunity for growth. Our new office is located on 10 Mile Road, midway between Evergreen and Southfield. We are still working out the final details of our custom built office furniture, but keep your eyes peeled for updates and pictures in the near future.

In addition to the growth of our firm, we are looking forward to growth that is happening within Southfield's City Centre District. Our principal architect, Jeremy Griffis, appeared in a short video promoting an upcoming public art installation project for the area. Take a look at the video and please consider making a contribution towards the city’s matching grant crowdfunding campaign!

There are many new things going on in the City of Southfield. We are seeing new businesses opening daily and new construction coming to life, several of which we have had the pleasure of designing. We have recently seen the expansion of bike paths in the Southfield City Centre which were created with the intention to push people to spend more time in our community and less time

in vehicles. Red Pole Park is the first of several “room” installations along these new paths that will provide the feeling that you are in a special place. The purpose of these installations is to create distinct, unique and art-driven spaces that allow you to experience everyday activities in more interesting ways. The paths will no longer be just a path, but a destination in and of itself. Public art plays a very strong role in cities by signifying uniqueness and adding meaning to the city. There are many recent large scale art installations, ready to be explored. Red Pole Park will continue that momentum.



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